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Platinum Mitsubishi TV Commercials

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Check out our hilarious Television Commercials we've created over the past few years.  All these commercials are shot in the Dealership with employees.

Please note that these commercials are for entertainment purposes only now & that some of the offers may no longer exist.  
Our sales manager Andrew really took one for the team with this commercial, dressing up in his nicest Kimono.  Whatever it takes to sell the new Outlander I guess! 

This Sumo Suit Commercial was filmed back in November of 2014 staring Cody Lepla really trying to emphasize the great All Wheel Drive options available from Mitsubishi.  Why Sumo Suits? Well...we really have no idea!

One of our most popular commercials staring Katherine Chan and of course Andrew Phomtavong, who really took one for the team with his cooperation in making this commercial.  Was made in the summer of 2013 when we first got the new redesigned Outlander here in Calgary.  

This Commercial was made when the Mirage first arrived here in Calgary, staring our Finance Manager Tinh Thai, as well as these two great actors.  The Mirage may be a small car, but it has a ridiculous amount of head room, even for very tall people!

The third of a series of commercials that Todd always pretending to play dumb to drive Tinh crazy!  This commercial was made to really emphasize how proud we are of the high rating and tons of reviews we receive from people on Google.  And of course finished with Todd pretending to have never heard of Google.  

A commercial we made where Todd continues to mess with Tinh, pretending to have just learnt about Mitsubishi's 10 Year Warranty.  This commercial was made a few years ago now, but the message is still the same with their vehicles being the best backed in the world!

This is the commercial that started them all, trying to add some humour & fun to a car commercial.  Staring Todd & Tinh, inspired by the TV show "The Office" this commercial has Todd doing his best to drive Tinh insane!