Mitsubishi's Unbeatable Warranty

10 - year/160,000 km Power train Limited Warranty *
5 - year/100,000 km New Vehicle Limited Warranty *
5 - year/Unlimited km Roadside Assistance *

Mitsubishi is so confident in the reliability and quality of their vehicles that they back them with a standard Warranty that no other car manufacturer dares to match. 

Don't plan on keeping your vehicle 10 Years? 

The Warranty still benefits you!  The Mitsubishi warranty is fully transferable to the next owner, helping deliver you excellent resale value when it comes time to sell or trade in. 

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Compare Mitsubishi's coverage to our competitors and see for yourself!

                                Powertrain                        New Vehicle                    Roadside Assistance

Mitsubishi 10 Yr/160,000 KM 5 Yr/100,000 KM 5 Yr/Unlimited

Honda 5 Yr/100,000 KM 3 Yr/ 60,000 KM 3 Yr/Unlimited

Toyota 5 Yr/100,000 KM 3 Yr/ 60,000 KM Not Included

Subaru 5 Yr/100,000 KM 3 Yr/ 60,000 KM Not Included

Mazda 5 Yr/100,000 KM 3 Yr/ 80,000 KM 3 Yr/80,000 KM

Hyundai 5 Yr/100,000 KM 5 Yr/ 100,000 KM 3 Yr/ Unlimited    

Kia 5 Yr/100,000 KM 5 Yr/ 100,000 KM 5 Yr/ 100,000

Suzuki 5 Yr/100,000 KM 3 Yr/ 60,000 KM 3 Yr/ Unlimited

Volkswagen 5 Yr/100,000 KM 4 Yr/ 80,000 KM 4 Yr/80,000 KM

GM 5 Yr/160,000 KM 3 Yr/ 60,000 KM 3 Yr/ 60,000 KM

Ford 5 Yr/100,000 KM 3 Yr/ 60,000 KM 3 Yr/ 60,000 KM

Chrysler 5 Yr/100,000 KM 3 Yr/ 60,000 KM 5 Yr/100,000 KM

The powertrain is the heart of your vehicle, so we do everything we can to make sure it never skips a beat. That includes protecting it with a warranty that'll last long after the new - car smell fades. Sure, 10 - year/160,000 km coverage is bold, but we have over 90 years of vehicle building confidence to back it up.

The Mitsubishi model lineup is a blend of eye - catching style and adrenalin - pumping performance. There are thousands of parts that go into our performance vehicles, and we back just about everything for 5 years or 100,000 kilometres, whichever comes first.

We can even help with flat tires, stormy weather and bad karma. Just call Roadside Assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and we'll provide the emergency services you need, including free towing, battery boosts, tire service, fuel and fluid delivery and more1.

Now is the best time ever to take advantage of the performance, styling and reliability of a new Mitsubishi vehicle. Fill out the form below to have your local Dealer contact you and help you take advantage of this great program.

To contact Roadside Assistance in Canada call 1-888-576-4878.

* Whichever comes first. Regular maintenance not included. New Vehicle Limited Warranty covers most vehicle parts (excluding batteries, audio components and other items excluded under the warranty's terms and conditions) under normal use and maintenance. Best Backed claim based on published OEM warranty information for Model Year 2005 light - duty vehicles sold in Canada. See Dealer or for Warranty and Roadside Assistance terms and conditions and other details.

1 Certain items such as gasoline, tires, etc. are specifically excluded. A participating Mitsubishi Motors Dealer must perform all work.

US Vehicles:
All Mitsubishi vehicles sold and registered in the USA have no warranty coverage in Canada. This is specifically indicated in the Warranty and Maintenance Manual that accompanies each and every vehicle sold in the USA. Mitsubishi Motor Sales of North America is responsible for this warranty coverage.

In the USA, Power train coverage on most 2004 and all newer models is not transferable to subsequent owners.

US Mitsubishi owners temporarily traveling in Canada on vacation , etc can receive emergency warranty repairs during their stay in Canada. There is a reciprocal agreement that applies to Canadian customers traveling in the USA.


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