Andrew Phomtavong

Introducing Andrew Phomtavong


Hey Guys, My name is Andrew Phomtavong.  I first started here at Platinum Mitsubishi back in 2008.  I've absolutely loved working here since then, & feel I've become like a family member.  The owners are fantastic & many of my co-workers are also my best friends outside of work. 

I pride myself on always taking a good amount of time with every customers, no matter where they are in the purchasing timeline.  I promise to always take the time to get to know you & exactly what you're looking for in a vehicle, instead of just trying to make a quick sale.  I don't plan on leaving anytime soon, so building long time customers through great service if my ultimate goal here. 

When I'm not here working I love to spend my time making music & playing Basketball with my friends.  A few of the guys at work have formed a Platinum Mitsubishi team, which I am a proud member of. 

It would be a pleasure to help you out with your next purchase of a new or used vehicle.  Please contact me at the information below and I'll show you that buying a car from me, and this dealership, is truly a different experience.