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2012 Mitsubishi I-MiEV

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You love the Environment, & You love driving...now you can do both!

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Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle

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Never pay for gas again

The Mitsubishi I-MiEV runs 100% on electricity, never requiring any gas or oil, and produces 0 tailpipe emissions. It's estimated that based on the average vehicle fuel economy in Canada vs the cost of electricity, that you'll save over $10,000 in only 5 years in fuel savings alone.

Low Maintenance

There is little to no maintenance required to keep your I-MiEV running. The battery and charging ports should never have to be replaced, and even the brakes are expected to last the life of the car thanks to regenerative braking. Requiring no oil you don't have to make those inconvenient stops every few months. Over the course of a few years, those savings really start adding up!

Convenient changing options
There is no special charging stations you have to go to to reload the I-MiEV. You can plug it in right into your regular house hold outlet and let it charge up overnight. It even comes with a charger that works with any standard 3 prong outlet so you can plug in and reload anywhere you go. The I-MiEV also comes with a remote so you can time when you want charging to start and view its progress right on the remote. The remote also lets you pre-heat or cool the car before hand while plugged in so you don't drain any battery life.
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Great Power

With the electric motor the I-MiEV is producing peak torque instantly and at any speed, giving it great pickup. Producing the equivalent of 145 lb/ft of TQ mixed in with it's lightweight of only 2579 lbs makes for a shockingly quick acceleration rate. The top speed of the I-MiEV goes all the way up to 130-140 KM/Hr making it more than capable of traveling any highway.

Handle your daily activity

The I-MiEV has a maximum range of 155 KM, making it more than enough to handle the average persons daily commute. Even going opposite ends of Calgary is under 40 KM. You can comfortably seat 4 adults and has a good sized trunk to fit cargo. It's battery warming system allow the battery to keep running throughout the winter, plus it's low center of gravity give it strong balance in icy conditions.

To view our full inventory, including pictures and videos of every I-MiEV - Click Here

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